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Shark Sneeze Shark Repellent by Blue Planet DNA Corp.(tm)

Developed and Manufactured in Key West, FL USA.

Shark Sneeze Repellent Logo Instructions:

BP-DNA Shark Sneeze Repellent is intended for emergency use in conjunction with the use of life vests i.e. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and for use with emergency life rafts. It is not intended for use by swimmers, divers or when continuous protection is required. Disbursal is manual and techniques are described in the instruction guide below.

Shark Sneeze consists of a fine powder substance. DO NOT OPEN either container except at sea in an emergency situation. Opening the container will cause some of the powder to disburse.

The contents consist of a fine powder and ingestion may be harmful or fatal. Keep away from mucous membranes, which means mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact, rinse for water for at least 10 minutes. Do not rub skin as the repellent contains aluminum flakes. Do NOT inhale. May stain surfaces. Obtain medical assistance immediately.

Carefully remove the cover and hold the container in a position to sprinkle the powder contents in a circle around you. The cover has the lanyard attached and should remain around your neck or otherwise attached to the ResqVester life vest signaling system. Gradually sprinkle the powder into the water as close to the water as possible. The user should remain downwind. The black container (Model #1) is single use and you should empty the contents. The orange container (Model #2) provides for multiple uses and disbursal as necessary.

Hold the container as close to the water line as possible. Hold your breath as much as possible while the container is open. Avoid inhaling any of the powder. If there is a breeze, sprinkle the powder downwind of you whenever possible.

The ingredients of Shark Sneeze will float for various lengths of time and will gradually sink into the water and disperse around you. Most of the powder will float along with you in the water, providing protection for an extended period of time. A shark will smell and taste the powder regardless of it being on the surface or in the water. The aluminum flakes will sink very gradually and will provide a protective barrier underneath you strongly discouraging any sharks from attacking from below.

When the container is empty, rinse it out with sea water and the contents sticking to the inside will wash out and provide a period of additional protection.

Rough Seas: Use at your own risk. Not recommended if rough seas are causing waves to contact your face or you may otherwise get the powder contents into your eyes, nose or mouth. If used in rough seas, attempt to protect your face by keeping your eyes closed and hold your breath while holding your nose closed.


BP-DNA Shark Repellent is protected by U.S. and other Laws. Patent Applied For. Additional safety information is contained on BP-DNA.com and SharkSneeze.com as well as in the Instruction Manual. The product is available in two container sizes. Both size containers are waterproof and are shipped in a sealed plastic bag for safety reasons. The container is re-usable (after cleaning) and great for storing money, batteries, watches and other small items. Two sizes are available, #1 for single use and #2 for multi-use. It is not for human consumption and we are not required to disclose all ingredients or the percentages which is a Trade Secret protected by Federal Law. Purchasers must be over 18 years of age. Keep away from children and pets. The multi-use product comes in an orange waterproof plastic container (model #2) and the single use black aluminum container (#1).

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